Engaging Workshops that spark Insights, Innovation and Action

Support yourself and your team to perform at your best. Choose one of my signature workshop or let me design one specifically for your needs. All workshops encourage active participation, include supporting material and can be offered virtually or in-person.

Mental Fitness: How to reach your Potential for both Success & Happiness

An introduction to the Positive Intelligence Framework and Mental Fitness. Participants will learn which mental muscles they need to grow to perform at their peak, enjoy meaningful relationships and experience a greater sense of well-being and joy.

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Self-sabotage: How you stand in your own way

How are your self-sabotaging thought patterns impacting your life, causing you negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, or self-consciousness? During this 2-hours workshop, you will learn how to recognize and transform your saboteurs' grip on you so that you can reach your full potential for happiness and success.

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