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Mental Fitness

Is your capacity to handle the challenges of life with a positive rather than a negative mindset.

Informed by current breakthrough research in positive psychology, neuroscience, organizational science, and positive psychology, the Positive Intelligence Framework is your gateway to your highest success and happiness.

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Mental Fitness Program

The Mental Fitness Program is based on the hugely successful and internationally recognized Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Model created by Shirzad Chamine. 

It will provide you with the necessary insights, tools and structure to significantly build your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and MENTAL FITNESS to tackle todays leadership challenges in just 7-weeks.

Week 1

Meet your peer learning group!

We will explore how we want to work together to deepen the learning for all and help 

you determine what you most need to get out of the program. 

You'll set compelling goals. You'll identify strategies for addressing whatever might limit your learning—either individually or as a team.

Week 2-6 

Experience the powerful app-based "Positive Intelligence" Mental Fitness Training Program.

Get into the practice of quieting your thought patterns causing you negative emotions such as anxiety, resentment, self-doubt or unhappiness.  

Instead, grow your capacity respond from your "Sage" mind, and start experiencing more joy, confidence, and ability respond calmly and clearly to whatever life presents you.

Week 7

Congratulations are in order! You have made success-supporting mental & emotional habits!

Learn how you can apply this new way of being in the world in different aspects of your professional and personal life.

Plan next steps for your leadership  and team development.

Continue using the Positive Intelligence App for an additional 10 months to maintain and continue growing your mental fitness.

Increase the impact of the Mental Fitness Program by adding 1-on-1 coaching, team or group coaching, and joining the GROW membership program once the 7-week Mental Fitness "Bootcamp" is completed.

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How will you and your team benefit from this?

Your Well-Being

Feel less stressed, more confident and at ease, even in touch times.

Your Relationships

Turn conflict into opportunities to deepen your connections, build meaningful and healthy relationships.

Your Company

Create a culture that engages, attracts and retains quality talent.

Your Bottom Line

Increase profitability with improved performance.

Your Resiliency

Unlock the creative power within yourself and your team so you can respond with agility to the ever-changing business environment, and have the impact you desire.

Your Impact

Take clear-headed, laser focused action to advance your purpose -driven mission.

Breakthrough Results from Boosting Positive Intelligence (PQ)

More Sales

Better Performance



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Features Included

  • Exclusive App Access.

  • Saboteur Self-Assessment.

  • Weekly 1-hour video sessions that guide you step-by-step over a 7-week period to boost the 3 core muscles of mental fitness.

  • Personalized daily app guided mental fitness practices.

  • Weekly 1- hour Group Coaching Session.