Prioritization Matrix - How to reduce overwhelm and become more effective

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Is your mind  fixated on all of the tasks, responsibilities, and mental notes that you think you should be focusing on?

Have you ever had thoughts such as, “I should be doing more?!” or “when is this going to end?!” I have been thinking a lot of those thoughts over the last few weeks. I look at what I must do and the things I want to accomplish and think to myself, another long day. The feeling of being overwhelmed or not catching up or being behind slowly settles in, intensifying the sense of stress. Can you relate?

Tell- tell signs that I am fully caught up in the land of “Busy-ness” and “Must-dos” become apparent very quickly. My productivity drops as I jump from one task to another, trying to do it all. My sleep starts being interrupted, and the worth reaction to stress is being irritated with others. The last thing I want is to damage my relationships, especially with my loved ones!

At this stage, I usually wake up to the fact that sabotaging thought patterns dominate my mind. My hyper-achiever is pushing me to do more and better; my victim is filling me with self-doubt that I am just not good enough.

Intercepting your sabotaging thought patterns is the first step in shifting your stress response.

Shift in Perspective

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is just that, a feeling. There is usually is enough time to accomplish what must be done. The trick is (and this is everyone’s hold up) you must decide what is most important to get done.

If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority.

Decide and move on with what you believe is essential. The rest will wait.

Also, consider working with a longer time horizon. Tony Robbins says that we overload or overestimate what we can do in a day and grossly underestimate what we can accomplish in 5 years. I remind myself of this regularly!

Play with this Sage Power

First of all, when you notice that you are hard on yourself, call on your empathy. Look in the mirror and share some loving thoughts with the person looking back at you. Your worthiness is not dependent on how much you accomplish!

Secondly, activate a better plan on how to organize and prioritize your tasks. You can use this Prioritization Matrix asking yourself the following questions (remember to do some PQ reps before starting.

    1. What is important about this? – Is it as urgent or important as you think it is?
    2. What would happen if this didn’t get done?
    3. How long has this been on my to-do? – If it has been there for a while, maybe it can be eliminated?
    4. Who else could do this? – Can it be delegated?

I hope this helps with shifting from overwhelm to feeling more empowered to deal with your workload!

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