Why Mental Fitness Program and Positive Intelligence is so Transformative

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Are you a seeker too?

I am a seeker - a seeker of meaningful connections that fill me with joy, love, inspiration and spark. And in a nutshell, the Positive Intelligence Framework is a powerful tool to connect to, what I call, the consciousness of love.

If this sounds a bit too esoteric to you, don’t be turned off. I am also super down-to earth, driven person.

And the Mental Fitness Program is one of the most practical, easy-to-use personal development tools I have ever come across.

Where it all started

I have been fascinated by human behaviour and mental processes since I was a teenager, and have always been interested in trying to understand how we think and feel, and what drives our actions.

Over the last decades, I have learned a lot about how to grow myself and others. I started learning about mindfulness practices through practising yoga and becoming a yoga teacher in my 20th. During some really challenging years which included a divorce, struggling with depression and figuring out who I was apart from being a mother, I found my way to coaching. I received some incredible training in how to be a coach and leader from the Coaches Training Institute and thought out other mentors and teachers whose knowledge and wisdom have greatly influenced who I am today. Each framework and model I studied, taught bits and pieces that helped with personal and professional development. Some of the learning and insights have become a part of my life, much I have forgotten. Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness have connected all the bits and pieces I have learned in other courses, training and practices, and combined them into one powerful way of operating in the world.

What's different about it

What makes the Positive Intelligence Framework and Mental Fitness such a powerful transformational tool and distinguishes it from other frameworks is that it distills everything down to only 3 core factors that promote peak mental well-being, performance and healthy relationships. Just like there are only three primary colours that are at the root of all colours, you only need to practice and grow 3 core Mental Muscles to impact all areas of your life in a positive way. 

We are complex beings, living in a complex way. The Positive Intelligence Framework provides you with a powerful but simple operating system that enables personal and professional growth. Once you start to learn the framework and grow your Mental Fitness, you can apply it to every aspect of your life. 

Why you may want to embark on this journey

Judging on the transformation I have seen in myself and my clients, I feel confident that it will also completely change how you look at, deal with, and solve the challenges that come up at work or in life.

You will feel more energized, focused, happier, and effective from a place of flow and ease, not from constantly pushing yourself to exhaustion.

You will notice that your self-doubt will turn into confidence and you will become more resilient dancing with uncertainties and setbacks.

A perspective that comes now very naturally to me is to look for gifts and opportunities in even the most testing moments life presents. This shift in perspective provides openings for collaboration and growth, increases your impact and performance.

One of the greatest impacts Mental Fitness provides is how you respond and communicate with others.

It trains you to relate to people from a place of joy, empathy and love; instead of focusing on their flaws which is the cause for most conflicts. This has been huge, and my relationships have become much more meaningful, honest and satisfying.

Mental Fitness is an ongoing practice. I am far from having mastered it. But it has become my go-to response to challenges and life in general, which in turn has enabled me to feel more connected to love, joy and possibility. And for that I am grateful.

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