Atomic Habits
Learn how small actions every day can change the trajectory of your life and business.
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End of the Year Reflections
New Year reflection workbook
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Prioritization Matrix - How to reduce overwhelm and become more effective

Have you ever had thoughts such as, “I should be doing more?!” or “when is this going to end?!” I have been thinking a lot of those thoughts over the last few weeks. I look at what I must do and the things I want to accomplish and think to myself, another long day. The feeling of being overwhelmed o...

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Why Mental Fitness Program and Positive Intelligence is so Transformative

I am a seeker - a seeker of meaningful connections that fill me with joy, love, inspiration and spark. And in a nutshell, the Positive Intelligence Framework is a powerful tool to connect to, what I call, the consciousness of love.

If this sounds a bit too esoteric to you, don’t be turned off. I am a...

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